GTA 5 - Game Review

GTA 5 – Game Review

And a game that marks the passage of the GTA series fromĀ  4D to 5D, with outstanding results.

It is almost impossible for each video game that has never heard of this series, was born in 1997 and sold almost five million copies worldwide.

Like all the fans of the saga who already know, we are wandering around the game in the big city on foot or in other ways, looking for new missions to perform, that will give us the opportunity to earn money to buy them, and little by little we will reveal the plot of the game.

plot of the game

Unlike the previous sections, we could do it in three-dimensional environments, which will provide many new opportunities.

The game takes place in a metropolis called Liberty City, a kind of New York version of the super violent, with a high level of crime and prostitution.

The city is in the hands of three large gangs of the Mafia (Mafia, Yakuza and Puerto Ricans), which divided the three main districts of the city of Liberty.

The beginning of the game shows John (the main character), a low-relief criminal who revolutionized his life on the bank, but something went wrong, he was arrested and then managed to escape.

During the escape attempt, John took control and launched a flight in a car with an 8-Ball (prison).

At first, we find ourselves with a bit of “inadequate” in front of the immensity of the city; Fortunately, the map is easily accessible and it is not difficult to find a place where you can start a new mission.

What stands out is the incredible freedom provided to the player, we could actually decide to explore the city (only the first section, but the other two are blocked at the beginning) or go in search of new missions to move forward in the story, the decision It will depend on us.

Missions have many situations that must be solved, we are moving from robberies to sniper missions, drug trafficking, etc.

Graphically, the name Rockstar is well built with changing weather conditions and excellent lighting effects, but it also has drawbacks, such as the sudden appearance of some buildings.

Special mention should be made of the soundtrack to the game, because when we are driving, we can change the radio frequency, from songs to rock songs.

The presentation is the third person, and the control over the character is good, it is well organized in the gamepad and allows you to manage the character well.

In terms of longevity, gta v money glitch has no equal, since it has approximately 73 main missions that will provide many hours of play, as well as the freedom of action granted to the player, the hours can increase significantly.

Ultimately, gta 5 hackĀ  from is also a masterpiece because it marks a real revolution for the series and brings a lot of news in the game world, it has several flaws, including the imperfection of some graphic elements. It is recommended to all fans of action games and those who want to try their luck on something completely different from the games that have been released so far.

GTA V – The Lost and Damned Review

Since we are considering new games that appear daily in many players on different gaming platforms, no one will forget the most common Xbox gaming platform. There are many games that can be found in the market, some of them are really excellent and others are good.

GTA series

When we talk about the game, let’s see the latest addition to the Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned games. In addition to the many new weapons and vehicles of The Lost and Damned, players get a completely new experience in the games. Compared to many other titles, it provides more content and a richer gaming experience. When we see the GTA series, you will find that the latest addition to the series offers players a full sequel, using the original game as a base platform. As we say, it’s amazing to see that the GTA series has always offered original content and has always been expansive. Not to mention that it consists of long and sinuous stories, full of some well-made characters.

Introducing Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto V: The Lost and Damned, a story about a bad Jewish motorcyclist in the city of Liberty, called Johnny Klebits from The Lost. All this game has to do with fraternity. The Lost and the Lost are the people who allowed them to eliminate their niche from the Dream of the United States and now they see it slowly as it collapses around them. Nico, another character in the game anticipates that people are loyal and kind to him, but the fact is that they crossed it twice, while Johnny’s situation is much worse than Niko’s.